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About our Platform

Lossless TV is a platform that publishes cinematic short-docs with original musical scores. 

We look for stories that need to be told. In partnership with our subjects, we gain unprecedented access to people, locations and stories. These stories explore new perspectives on the human condition.

All films on Lossless TV are made by Toronto-based creative agency Lossless Creative. Lossless specializes in film, music and branded content.



Advertising Partnerships
Advertising is available on a full platform scale or a per film basis. We offer a deeper and more resonant way to connect with audiences. Contact us to inquire.

Story Recommendations
We are always looking for new people and new stories to feature. If you know someone or something that fits the bill, we would love to hear from you.


All Original Content

All materials made for Lossless TV are 100% completely original. Everything has been filmed and created for the platform. Original scores also accompany each film. Please contact us if you would like to license the use of our films or music.